New Class Dates Available

     Saturday Morning Classes Begins August 8, 2020

     Thursday Evening Classes Begins July 16, 2020

     Special Message

     In 2019, I had scheduled to have both knees replaced in the fall.
     The first knee replacement went well but I had to deal with complications
     for the rehab of the second knee. While in rehab for both knees, I became
     very ill with an organ abscess (unrelated to knee replacements) and this
     required an extensive recovery period. Because of these events and the
     Covid 19 Pandemic, ongoing classes were suspended and resumed via
     telecommunications due to the Covid-19 pandemic. (Somehow, it was a
     perfect storm.) New classes are now being scheduled "in classroom" with
     the initiation of Phase II Recovery from the Pandemic. I thank everyone
     for their kind messages and understanding during this very difficult time!
     I am back and better than ever!

     With Regards,

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Why Send Staff Anywhere Else?

When medical billing and coding staff need professional education, I send them to to sign up for seminars and certification instruction held at their Baltimore area training facility. When my fellow providers need training, we utilize their on-site education services at our facility. To see dates and class types just
Check Out our NEW facilities. We provide a safe, professional environment for you to learn. See it HERE

Welcome to was created to provide quality educational oppurtunities to medical billing and coding staff as well as professional staff.

We take great pride in the services we provide. Please canvas our website to familiarize yourself with our services.

If you should have any questions please email us.

ABOUT US - We are NOT an online course has been educating physician and hospital medical billing and coding staff, as well as professional staff since 1997.

Our Instructor, Deborah Bell,BA,MA,CPC, CPC-H, CCS-P, CMC, CCP, PCS, FCS, CCEP,PCMD,PCMD-H, CMAS has over thirty years of combined clinical and medical administrative management experience.

Having also run a large billing service, served as a Medicare Provier Rep and more, she has a well rounded resume (Click here for complete experience listing)

We have our own training facility set in true classroom style, in Catonsville, Maryland (one half mile from the Baltimore Beltway).

We have had attendees come from Pennsylvania, Delaware, Northern Virginia, Washington D.C. and Frederick Maryland to receive our professional educational services.

We provide an intensive educational regimine requiring hard work on your part. This is not a community college level course - this experience will far surpass the community college or "boot camp" experience.

There are many issues to consider prior to making a decision to spend personal or facility monies for education. The most common dilema is choosing your venue for education. While the choices are varied (Community college, boot camp, online, independent study), we feel that our setting is the most effective. Consider that we have an almost perfect pass rate on national certification exams, we must be right.

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We provide...

  • Professional Education in a Professional Setting/Environment by a Professional Instructor
  • We author our own 700+ page textbook each year
  • We educate you to be a proficient coding/auditing professional - we do not "teach to the test"
  • NO workforce retraining students accepted. This is to keep our educational standards higher for our attendees.



Debbie is ONE of only TWO people certified as a Certified Medical Audit Specialist in the State of Maryland.

Learn from someone who audits for a living.

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