Medical Record Fees

Medical Record Fees in Maryland 2010-2011

Important Announcements

Updated Medical Record Copying Fees

On October 1, 1994 the law allowing physicians to charge specific sums for preparation and production of medical records went into effect.

This law is codified in Maryland law at Health-General Article 4-304(c)(3). According to the law, the fees may be adjusted annually for inflation using the Consumer Price Index on July 1 of each year. The statute does not designate an entity to compute the increases. However, the Maryland Board of Physicians (MBP) has provided us with their calculation of what the adjusted rates should be.

The adjusted rates for medical record copying as announced by the Maryland Board of Physiciams are as follows:

  • A preparation fee of $22.0911 (This fee may not be charged to patients), plus

  • A copying charge of $.73637 per page; plus

  • The actual cost of shipping and handling

The Maryland Board of Physiciams has not commented as to whether rounding to the nearest penny would be acceptable in their view.

The following rules continue to apply:
  • No fee may be charged to transfer the records of a Medicaid recipient to another provider.

  • A practitioner may not withhold medical records because of unpaid fees for medical services.

  • The records may not be withheld under an emergency request from a state or local governmental unit concerning a child protective services or adult protective services case pending payment.

  • A physician should not withhold records that have been subpoenaed pending payment of copying and preparation charges but may bill any non-governmental entities subpoenaing records.

    Physicians may demand payment of the allowed charges before turning the records over to a patient or other authorized person. The Board of Physicians is empowered to discipline a physician who fails to comply with the requirements of the Medical Records Act and HIPAA.
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