So...What exam do I take?

Deciding what exma to take is usually the most difficult task!
Differing organizations offer different exams with a different focus.

• AHIMA - CCS-p and CCS
• AAPC - CPC and CPC-H
• Many other organizations

NOTE: Only AHIMA is a professional organization - all others are commercial companies.

How Do I Determine What Exam to Take

So which examination should I take if I want to be a certified coder in a physician’s practice?

The answer can be either the CPC or the CCS-P or both? Both examinations test each applicant’s knowledge in the correct use CPT, ICD-9 CM and HCPCS II. However, how they test each applicant is somewhat different. The first national physician coding certification began with the American Academy of Professional Coders (AAPC)(originally American Academy of Procedural Coders).

This certification process began in 1992. In 1997, the American Health Information Management Association (AHIMA) introduced the CCS-P credential.

CPC Certification Exam - American Academy of Professional Coders You may be familiar with AAPC’s CPC examination. You will have the use of your coding books throughout the examination.

CCS-P Certification Exam - American Health Information Management Association AHIMA’s CCS-P is a bit different. It is a six hours examination and has only 2 parts to it. You must take it in the order as presented and you only have access to one part at a time. The first part consists of 60 multiple-choice questions.

You do not have access to your coding books to complete this first part. Part II includes 16 cases broken down into 6 E/M, 6 surgical, 3 Medicine plus 1 from another CPT/HCPCS section. You will be given these cases in a particular order to complete. You are given credit for each of the correct codes you assigned to each case. However, you loose points for each incorrect or unnecessary code you assigned to each case. You will have access to your codebooks for this part of the certification examination plus you may use a medical dictionary.

How Does This Course Help Me Prepare?

Now that we have explained the differences between two of thephysician coding certification examinations how does the coding course offered by help you to prepare to sit for the certification examinations? Your main textbooks and supplementary materials not only provide helpful coding guidelines and instructions, they also include cases/scenarios for you to code.

You do not have any multiple choice options here, so you will be more experienced in assigning the correct codes as tested by the CCS-P examination. Then our course tests you every other week in a timed environment using multiple-choice questions. This will help you to get ready for the CPC certification examination. Halfway through the course and at the end of the course you will be given an examination that will also help to prepare you to sit for the certification examinations.

Our course will test you not only on your coding knowledge but also on your thought process in the determination and assignment of the code(s) for a particular scenario or case study. Your instructor monitors your progress and provides helpful feedback throughout the course.

Our goal is to not only to help you prepare to sit for the examinations and gain your certification, we want each of our students to walk away knowing they can tackle any coding challenge for they have the skill set to do so! We love what we do and we truly hope you will love the coding field more than you already do after completing our course. I have never known a coder who didn’t enjoy a good challenge. So are you ready for a challenge!!!

What Do You Offer That Others Don’t?

Benefits of Instructional Course

  • We have our own space - not donated space that we do not control
  • NO cancelled classes
  • NO moving of class location
  • NO "guest" instructors - the instructor you pay is the instructor you get
  • Instructor minored in Secondary Education while obtaining Bachelor Degree
  • NO "WEB CLASSES". You get the in-classroom training that you paid for
  • FREE parking at the front door of our building (no extra expense for parking and NO long walks to and from your vehicle
  • FREE use of classroom laptops during internet research sessions - no need to bring your own
  • FREE wi-fi access to the internet
  • Seating for up to 35 ( we prefer 20 max)
  • Professional audio/video setup with six foot by six foot screen for powerpoint presentations
  • Microwave, Refrigerator / Freezer, hot water urns for instant soups etc. in the suite Quiet environment - no other activities in the building during class times
  • Visual aids - Full size human skeleton, male / female torso, brain, skull, heart, kidney and eye anatomics in suite
  • We write our own 700+ page textbooks - we also provide additional materials
  • Exclusive extras CD with useful data for coders
  • We control the temperature


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